Game of Thrones Season 2's Direwolves, Dragons and Castles Come to Life with Amazing CGI

edwardquilo - September 19, 2012 07:13AM in General News

Visual effects wizards Pixomondo has done some incredibly gorgeous special effects work for HBO's groundbreaking Season Two adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, and the Game of Thrones FX reel below goes to show just how much more immersive the violent world of Westeros is even with some subtle CGI additions. What's brilliant about some of these digital extras is that they're blended in with such uncanny realism you'd be forgiven if you thought that Iron Island castle was the real deal. See how the visual effects make Robb Stark's direwolf Grey Wind lunge at Jaime Lannister's exposed throat, or how Queen Daenerys Targaryen's fierce Drogon perches itself on her shoulder, or just sit back and watch Tyrion Lannister's forces decimate enemy ships with the infinitely destructive Wildfire.