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Obsidian Reveals More Details on Project Eternity

Category: Gaming
Posted: 01:25AM

Project Eternity's Kickstarter keeps rolling right along, with more than $1.5 million pledged so far. The first stretch goal has been reached, with the second one fast approaching, so Obsidian Entertainment has taken the time to detail some of the basics of the RPG. Project Eternity allows for a maximum party size of six, which is your character and up to five companions. That does not include any temporary companions added "in special circumstances," but any permanent companion will not be forced on the player. The entire game can be completed just with your character since the story is about you, but companions can help give you some different perspective.

Josh Sawyer, project director on Project Eternity, sums up the game's premise as this:

The player witnesses an extraordinary and horrific supernatural event that thrusts them into a unique and difficult circumstance.  Burdened with the consequences of this event, the player has to investigate what has happened in order to free themselves from the restless forces that follow and haunt them wherever they go.

Due to that rather hefty set-up, your created character does not have to be of "any particular race, cultural background, sex, class, moral outlook, personality, organization, etc." Basically, your character is a victim of circumstance, and it is up to you how you choose to respond. You can be cool and collected or filled with so much rage you lash out at anyone. The game world reacts to your choices, but Obsidian are designing it in a way that does not restrict those choices.

Obsidian mentioned it the other day, but the races are still up in the air. The team is looking at recognizable ones (humans, elves, dwarves), out-of-the-ordinary ones ("godlike" races), and even some that are "truly odd." The different regions and cultures in Project Eternity produce distinctive appearances in the races, like in the dwarf ranger concept seen below. She is from a "southern boreal region that is quite different from the temperate homes of her distant kin to the north." There will be some friction and confusion between the races as well, be it from psychological factors or a mixing of different races.

Sawyer discusses plenty of other details that are too numerous to list here, so be sure to head over to the source and check them all out. The Kickstarter has 28 days remaining, so feel free to donate and help Obsidian reach more stretch goals.

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