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Sony Unveils Improvements for Killzone HD - Arrives on PSN October 23

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:10AM

Sony announced the Killzone Trilogy last week, which remasters the first game in HD and packages it with the sequels. At the time, Killzone HD was revealed to be available as a standalone title, but Sony did not elaborate further. However, that has all changed has Killzone HD arrives to the PlayStation Network on October 23, the same day as the Killzone Trilogy arrives in disc form. KZHD will set you back $15, which is a pretty fair price to pay for the enhanced visuals and controls of the game that launched a franchise. The original Killzone tells the tale of Jan Templar, an ISA Captain defending his home planet from a Helghast invasion. Together with Rico, Luger, and Hakha, Templar has to reactivate the Orbital Defense Platform to help repel the Helghast.

Killzone HD features 720p graphics running at 30FPS, with MSAA filtering, sharper textures, and better quality sound effects to put you in the middle of the battle. Guerilla Games, the developer, have tweaked the controls to bring KZHD more in line with the recent titles, as well as adjusted the sensitivity, deadzone, and more to take advantage of the DualShock 3 controller. A full Trophy list has also been unveiled, which you can check out at the source. KZHD includes an offline multiplayer mode to complement the single player campaign, so you can hone your skills against AI opponents. The game does not feature any PS Move support, however, so you will need to keep the DualShock 3 handy.

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