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New Discovery of Oldest Color Film

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 10:37AM

The world changes quickly and will often forget where it came from as people get so used to new things that they take them for granted. Just imagine some of the most connected people now having to rely only on landline telephones, newspapers, and paper mail. You could probably put some of those same people in front of an old black and white film, and they will think the TV is broken. Now you can put them in front of another screen and show them a color film that is 110 years old; the earliest known color film.

Color films of course did not take off until much later, in part because color has always been more expensive to work with, but this example is not something out of any kind of early Hollywood. It would more accurately be described as a home movie by the inventor of the first color-film process, Edward Turner. This original process however was something of a failure, but eventually led to a commercially successful technology, after the death of Turner.

The film was rescued and restored by the National Media Museum in the UK and is now on display in a new exhibit. Fortunately the video is also up online, through at least New Scientist, so you do not need to travel to the UK to see this century old film.


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