Samsung and HTC Will Attempt to Block iPhone 5 Sales

CheeseMan42 - September 12, 2012 04:51PM in Mobile

The iPhone 5 was among several devices announced by Apple at a press event earlier today, and these devices are certain to sell like hotcakes. However, Samsung and HTC are in various stages of trying to block the sales of the iPhone 5 in several countries due to patent infringement. At the center of this dispute is the LTE functionality of the iPhone 5 and patents belonging to HTC and Samsung that it may be infringing. HTC has already filed a lawsuit in the United States, but even if it wins Apple will have a chance to appeal before the iPhone would receive a ban. Samsung has also been quoted in the Korean Times saying "It's true that Samsung has decided to take immediate legal action against Apple," specifically seeking a ban on sales in the US and several European countries. In either case, rulings likely wouldn't be handed down in time to stop the release of the iPhone 5 on September 21.