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Uber Entertainment Unveils New Stretch Goal for Planetary Annihilation

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:27AM

There is just about a week remaining on the Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation, the planned RTS from Uber Entertainment. The pledged amount has surpassed $1,300,000, which means the second stretch goal adding in gas giants and extra orbital units is unlocked. Pledges keep rolling in for PA, so Uber Entertainment has gone ahead and revealed the fourth stretch goal at the $1,800,000 amount. This goal is a little different from the other three, as it would add a metagame called Galactic War to Planetary Annihilation. Galactic War is a replayable single and multiplayer metagame that allows you to try and conquer a galaxy against the Skirmish AIs in single player or co-op, or against live opponents in online multiplayer.

Galactic War procedurally generates a new galaxy every time it is loaded, so no two play sessions will be the same. A dynamic story system would be in place that logs your fighting and creates counter attacks or missions to give you more of a challenge. Players could join a faction in online multiplayer and plunder a galaxy, or join a clan server for some intense battles. Uber Entertainment believes the Galactic War metagame would allow for more enjoyment over the long term, but needs our help to do so! Help Planetary Annihilation reach the $1,800,000 goal and Galactic War is unlocked.

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