Boost Windows 7 Performance with Sandisk's 32GB ReadyCache

edwardquilo - September 6, 2012 05:33AM in Storage / Hard Drives

Want to jumpstart your Windows 7 PC performance? Sandisk has announced an affordable solution to speeding up load times, through a cache-only 2.5-inch drive equipped with 32GB of NAND flash storage. The SanDisk ReadyCache runs alongside your existing hard disk and doesn't require anything other than using a spare SATA III connection and the installation of its software - it works by maintaining the files you access often as a cache into the SSD, so there's no need to reinstall Windows 7 or manually migrate files. Compared to your HDD's normal operating speed, Sandisk reports up to 12x faster bootups and application launches. Currently on sale for $59.99 at Amazon at Newegg, SanDisk's ReadyCache SSD could be just the turbocharge your desktop PC needs.