Steam Greenlight Updated - One-time Fee of $100 Now Required

ClayMeow - September 4, 2012 06:38PM in Gaming

You may have seen my editorial on Steam Greenlight the other day. In a nutshell, day one of Steam Greenlight's launch was a complete mess. Fake games cluttered what should have otherwise been a great way for indie developers to showcase their games to the public. So how does one prevent that from happening? By charging a fee. Steam Greenlight received an update today that introduces a one-time $100 fee. Before you scoff, this is not a money-making ploy by Valve, as all the proceeds will be donated to Child's Play. Anyone who has already posted to Greenlight will not have to pay unless they want to make future submissions. This should certainly go a long way in keeping Greenlight dedicated to the developers that truly want to see their games on Steam.

The other part of the update isn't as big, but should improve usability. Next time you log into Steam and visit the Greenlight page, you'll notice a much more manageable list of games to rate. That is because you'll only be presented with twelve games to rate, labeled as "Your queue". You can always generate a new random queue or even customize your queue to display genres you're most interested in, but it certainly makes the system a lot cleaner. In addition, when you actually click on one of the games, you're presented with a simple question: "Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?" Your choices are "Yes" and "No thanks / Not interested". I would have still preferred to have a "Maybe" option, but at least it's clearer than the previous thumbs up and thumbs down. Once you make your choice, a button will appear that says "Next game in queue", allowing you to quickly go to the next game rather than having to backtrack to the main page like you had to do prior to the update.

This update is a great step to improving the Greenlight experience. There is still some work to be done – like not displaying "No" votes in your "Games you've voted for" list, or at least providing filters so we can just view the games we liked – but at least this update is showing that, not only is Valve listening to the community, the company is doing something about it. Feel free to discuss Steam Greenlight in our current forum thread.