Resident Evil 6 Demo Lands September 18 for PS3 and 360

bp9801 - September 4, 2012 01:01PM in Gaming

Fans eagerly awaiting the next Resident Evil game should be happy to hear that Capcom will release the Resident Evil 6 demo on September 18. The demo will only be available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but hopefully a PC one will follow closer to that version's release. Xbox 360 owners who picked up a copy of Dragon's Dogma have been able to enjoy the RE6 demo for a while now, but soon everyone else can. The public demo is believed to be the same as the private demo, which means it should have sections featuring Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Jake Muller to give you an idea of how each character plays. Plenty of zombies and new enemy types await you in the demo, as does the new ability to move and shoot at the same time. Resident Evil 6 arrives on October 2 for the PS3 and 360, while the PC version still has no announced date.