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Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Class Arriving October 16

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Posted: 09:18PM

Back in April, it was unveiled that a fifth class for Borderlands 2, known as the Mechromancer, would be available for download, free to anyone who pre-orders the game. It was originally stated that the Mechromancer would be available 60-90 days after release. Recently, in the GameSpot interview seen below, Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford stated that they would probably beat the 60-day deadline, but didn't want to give any definite date. I guess he was just waiting to make the announcement at PAX.

Earlier today at PAX, Pitchford said that the Mechromancer will be available for download "by October 16th." That's not simply beating the 60-day prediction, that's demolishing it! Pitchford says "there may be a little fudge factor there," but the date is essentially confirmed, meaning it comes out a mere 28 days after the full game releases. As previously mentioned, the Mechromancer will be free to anyone who has pre-ordered Borderlands 2. For those coming late to the party, she will cost $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points. And don't forget, Gearbox is also working on four add-on campaigns, with a season pass currently available.

Although I posted the GameSpot interview in our forum thread, since I never posted it in the news here, I figured I'd attach it below for your viewing pleasure. If you want a first look at the Mechromancer class, tune in to around the 55:20 mark, which also includes an extremely brief peek at her pet robot, Deathtrap, at the very end. Although the character model is in the game, it is untextured and the skill tree is incomplete. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out because Pitchford talks about the class in great detail. Her three skill trees are "Little Big Trouble", "Best Friends Forever" and "Ordered Chaos". Best Friends Forever is geared toward new players who may not be accustomed to first-person shooters, making it a great way to introduce someone to the game. For example, the first skill is called "Close Enough", which makes it so that any bullets that miss their target have a chance to ricochet off walls toward a nearby enemy at the cost of decreased damage. On the flip side, the Ordered Chaos tree is designed for advanced players, providing the Mechromancer class with something for everyone.

Borderlands 2 launches on September 18 for the PC, PS3, and 360.

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