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Straight From PAX - All 120 Torchlight II Skills

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:30PM

A little over two weeks ago, we got our first look at Torchlight II's new skill panes, but only got to see the details of one skill, Bramble Wall. With developer Runic Games showing off Torchlight II at PAX, it was only a matter of time before all the skills got leaked. Jerich, a member of RGF, a Runic Games fansite, snapped photos of all 120 skills with his iPhone. Some of the images are a bit blurry, but still legible. Going through 120 images is definitely not the most convenient thing, but I'm sure someone will transcribe all the data into a Wiki or skill calculator soon enough. For your convenience, I've downloaded all the images, zipped them up, and uploaded them to filedropper for an easy 25.6MB download, instead of simply attaching them all here. Please keep in mind that it's quite possible some of these skills will get tweaked by the time the game goes live, but this should still give you a good feel for the various builds possible for each of the four classes – for example, the Engineer and Outlander classes can certainly be played as summoners, which wasn't fully apparent during the beta.

As was unveiled three days ago, Torchlight II will launch on September 20th and will now include Steam Workshop support. And if you haven't done so yet, be sure to watch the Official Launch Trailer.

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