Black Mesa Finally Launching September 14

ClayMeow - September 2, 2012 10:58AM in Gaming

Set to completely recreate the original Half-Life with the Source engine, Black Mesa has been in the works since shortly after Half-Life 2 released in 2004. Just when everyone was thinking the mod had joined the vaporware ranks, new screenshots emerged in June with the promise that it was still in the works. Today, Project Leader Carlos "cman2k" Montero posted a community update letting everyone know that Black Mesa will finally be released to the public on September 14, 2012 and the main site now prominently displays a countdown clock. However, the September 14 release of Black Mesa will not be the complete Half-Life experience, at least not yet:

On September 14th you will see the first release of Black Mesa! This will include our re-envisioning of Half-Life all the way up to Lambda Core. We believe this is a great way to provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience with a solid ending, make our fans happy and help us make the best overall game possible.

We are still working hard on Xen and BMDM, but instead of making you wait we are giving you Black Mesa as soon as it's ready!

For those that have never played the original Half-Life, this is your opportunity to experience the birth of one of gaming's greatest franchises, all in the comfort of modern graphics and physics.