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Planetary Annihilation Surpasses $1M on Kickstarter - New Stretch Goal Added

Category: Gaming
Posted: 07:57PM

The $900,000 Kickstarter goal for Planetary Annihilation was reached a couple of days ago, but now it has surpassed $1 million. At press time, the pledged amount is $1,028,330, and there does not appear to be any slowdown with 13 days remaining. Last week the team at Uber Entertainment unveiled the first two stretch goals for PA and has now shown off a new one. This stretch goal is at $1,500,000, which will add lava and metal planets if reached. Lava planets provide a large amount of energy and resources if you brave the dangers. Geothermal plants and liquid metal processing mines can be built to harvest resources easier, plus their placement can have natural defenses thanks to the lava.

Metal planets, meanwhile, are not actually planets but rather ancient battle stations from forgotten wars. These wandering stations can be reactivated or recycled, however reactivation should be the preferred route. New technologies and knowledge can be gained from reactivation, plus the destructive capabilities can be harnessed to easily destroy your enemies. Just try to avoid shouting any phrases from a certain sci-fi saga featuring a large, spherical battle station.

Uber Entertainment have also added a few extra rewards to the $100 and higher tiers. A new Alpha Commander in-game model has been designed for PA's alpha testers, plus the developer has partnered with a miniature company for three creations. The miniatures will stand three to four inches tall and are based on the two revealed Commander units and a secret one that will be discussed soon. There was no mention if the miniatures are metal or plastic, but either way it is a neat addition.

There are still two more stretch goals that have yet to be unveiled, but that should not take long. It is anyone's guess as to what those will be, so keep donating to find out!

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