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Two More Fighters Revealed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Category: Gaming
Posted: 01:29PM

PAX Prime is in full swing, which means plenty of gaming news is on the way this weekend. Just the other day Sony revealed Raiden for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and now two more fighters have been revealed. Sir Daniel Fortesque of MediEvil and Nariko of Heavenly Sword are the two newest roster additions for PlayStation All-Stars, which should make new and old PlayStation fans happy. Sir Daniel first made his debut in SCE Cambridge's MediEvil over 14 years ago, and makes his return in the free-for-all brawler. He is a crowd-control character that is more than capable of building up large amounts of AP against multiple opponents, all while using multiple weapons from the MediEvil games. A broadsword, shield, axe, chicken drumstick, crossbow, and even his skeletal arms and legs can be used as weapons, plus the shield can absorb damage and strengthen his attacks. Sir Daniel's super attacks use various kinds of magic, so gamers will have plenty of options at their disposal.

Nariko was first seen in Heavenly Sword for the PS3, and SuperBot wants to re-create her play style in PlayStation All-Stars. She is capable of different actions during combos, like dodging and jumping for defense or longer combos and juggle starts for offense. There are also several long-range attacks Nariko can perform to keep other combatants at bay, with all her attacks being familiar from Heavenly Sword. Her level three super attack even calls on the full power of the Goddess to decimate the stage, just like the Level Three Super Style attack from Heavenly Sword.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale arrives on the PS3 and Vita on November 20. Sir Daniel's trailer can be seen below while Nariko's can be viewed here. These two characters mark the end of the ones from the beta leak, but perhaps Sony and SuperBot have a few more to announce not seen in the beta.

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