First List of Windows 8 Games Revealed by Microsoft

bp9801 - September 1, 2012 01:01AM in Gaming

We are getting closer to the launch of Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft. The new OS brings a lot of different features and abilities to the table, including integration with Xbox Live. As such, Microsoft's Major Nelson recently revealed the first wave of Xbox games heading to Windows 8, including a few W8 exclusives. You can read the full list of titles at Major Nelson's blog, but some of the standouts include: PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX, BlazBlue Calamity Trigger, Pinball FX 2, and Dragon's Lair. Many of the games will be available when W8 arrives on October 26, with more releases scheduled throughout the rest of the year and into next.

The games will be available in the Xbox Games app on Windows 8 and in the W8 Store, and you can play them on any W8 desktop, laptop, and tablet. Every game includes Xbox achievements, while most have support for leaderboards, multiplayer modes, connecting with friends, and more. All of these titles will certainly be an improvement over the usual staple of stock Windows games, although it will be interesting to see if they will be free or paid.