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Uber Entertainment Details Stretch Goals for Planetary Annihilation

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:46PM

Planetary Annihilation is fast approaching its Kickstarter goal of $900,000, but earlier today the team at Uber Entertainment provided an update on the stretch goals for the game. Only the first two stretch goals have been detailed so far, but both of them bring a lot to the table. If Planetary Annihilation reaches $1,100,000, then naval units and extended water planet support will be added. Uber wants to treat naval warfare properly in PA, but says that will take "quite a bit" of extra work. If the funding reaches that amount, then we will be able to create planets with a mixture of land and water, mostly water ones, and even ice asteroids. Some of the planned naval units would be submarines, amphibious craft, floating buildings, and battleships.

If the funding reaches $1,300,000, then Uber will be able to add gas giants and extra orbital units. Gas giants, like Jupiter and Saturn, would add diversity to the planet types in PA, but since real ones do not have any easily accessible land, Uber could allow for some buildable areas on "high mountains." You could drop a fusion reactor on the mountain to help aid your resource gathering, which in turn would help allow for some additional orbital units. The developer is taking ideas for orbital units, but so far has mentioned defense lasers, scout units, and recon platforms for the game.

Uber Entertainment also announced it will allow for current backers to purchase additional game or beta keys and even t-shirt designs. The game keys will be available for any tier, while the beta keys are at the $40 and higher one and the t-shirts at $100 and higher. Planetary Annihilation has 22 days remaining to reach the $900,000 goal in order to be created. The three remaining stretch goals will be detailed as the pledged amount goes higher.

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