The K310: Logitech's Washable Keyboard Unveiled

edwardquilo - August 22, 2012 09:56AM in Input Devices

The keyboard is usually the grimiest piece of hardware on any PC, but Logitech is looking to improve on that dirty notion with its newly-announced product: a "keyboard that loves a wash." The K310 washable keyboard comes packaged in a waterproof shell designed for hand wash in up to 11 inches of soapy water, with drainage holes built in at the rear for quick drying. The keys are laser printed with UV coating, so constant scrubbing apparently won't be a problem. While the K310 isn't geared for gamers, most users who want an easy-to-clean keyboard will likely appreciate the extra shortcut keys for email, web-browsing, and media player. It's certainly a spotless PC investment when it comes out this later month for $40.