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Could Hearthfire be Skyrim's Next DLC?

Category: Gaming
Posted: 07:50PM

PC gamers have only recently received the first DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS3 users are still waiting), but there is already talk of the next DLC for Bethesda's epic RPG. Earlier this year ZeniMax Media applied for a trademark on the names "Dawnguard" and "Redguard," and as we all know Dawnguard is the first DLC for Skyrim. Another trademark was filed after those two for the name "Hearthfire," which is the Tamrielic name for the month of September. This has led to the rumor that Hearthfire is the name of the second Skyrim DLC and will focus on the Tales and Tallows holiday celebrated on the third of Hearthfire throughout the universe of The Elder Scrolls.

No other holiday divides the people of Tamriel like the 3rd of Hearth Fire. A few of the oldest, more superstitious men and women do not speak all day long for fear that the evil spirits of the dead will enter their bodies. Most citizens enjoy the holiday, calling it Tales and Tallows, but even the most lighthearted avoid dark streets, for everyone knows the dead do walk tonight. Only the Mages Guild completely thrives on this day. In celebration of the oldest magical science, necromancy, all magical items are half price today.

A DLC centered on a necromancy holiday could enable the Draugr to rise from their crypts to terrorize the countryside. It would certainly be a different take on a zombie apocalypse since the Draugr are armed with weapons, magic, and shouts, but everything concerning the second DLC for Skyrim is just rumor for now. If it is Hearthfire, Bethesda and ZeniMax have kept everyone in the dark considering September is right around the corner. About the only thing we know for certain is the DLC, whatever it is, will have another 30-day exclusive release for the Xbox 360.

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