New Screenshots Arrive for Grand Theft Auto V - More News Later This Week

bp9801 - August 20, 2012 02:32PM in Gaming

Rockstar is slowly but surely releasing information on Grand Theft Auto V, even if it is just screenshots. Last month the developer released two shots of GTA V and today we have three new ones. There was not much of anything posted with the screenshots aside from a short message saying, "More to come this week...." Hopefully we do not have too long of a wait to see what Rockstar will reveal next, be it more screenshots, a video, or possibly even a release date. Regardless, the three new screenshots show off a very impressive looking game that has some familiar and one not so familiar focus.

The first screenshot is of a man on a bicycle riding near the GTA V version of the Santa Monica Pier. The next image shows a sports car taking a turn, with the "CHEETA" name across the rear bumper. The last screenshot is something a little different in that it is a fighter jet. Yes, a fighter jet in Grand Theft Auto V. It will be interesting to see just how the jet is used in the game, but I imagine at least one mission will take us to a military base.

Be sure to check back here later this week for more news on Grand Theft Auto V.