Corsair Buys Part of Raptor Gaming

CheeseMan42 - August 15, 2012 04:28PM in General News

Corsair has announced the acquisition of Raptor Gaming, a German company focused on gaming peripherals that has a big presence in Europe. With the purchase, Corsair will gain access to all keyboards, mice, headsets, and other accessories that it intends to incorporate into the current product line featuring the Vengeance series of peripherals. President and CEO of Corsair Andy Paul stated, "Raptor Gaming's strong retail presence will allow us to offer a wider range of PC hardware to gamers across Germany." CEO of Raptor Gaming Dirk Schunk added, "Corsair's strong global brand and worldwide distribution will open up Raptor Gaming products to a wider audience of gamers around the world." Follow the link for a look at the products offered by Raptor Gaming.