Total War: Rome 2 Screenshots Depict the Battle of Carthage

edwardquilo - August 15, 2012 07:26AM in Gaming

The first Battle of Carthage ended with the ancient city's absolute destruction and the end of an empire, and looking at the latest awe-inspiring screenshots of Total War: Rome 2, we will be getting more than the general's eye-view of the all-out sacking. Creative Assembly's upcoming Total War title features a brand new engine capable of rendering a bleak sky polluted with smoke and flaming projectiles, but best of all, land and sea clashes will no longer be mutually exclusive encounters, as soldiers will able to disembark off ships and dive straight into the thick of battle. Still, the gorgeous backdrop of Carthage being burnt to ruins takes some getting used to, and should be all the more jaw-dropping on a no-holds-barred gaming PC.