Crucial's Affordable v4 SSDs Start at $50 for Budget-Conscious PC Owners

edwardquilo - August 1, 2012 05:38AM in Storage / Hard Drives

Ever wanted to indulge in an SSD but didn't have the budget? Crucial's latest offering is targeted at cash-strapped PC enthusiasts: the v4 SSDs promise not to break your lean bank account with prices starting at $50. The bargain-priced drives are understandably less nimble on their feet compared to their m4 counterparts, but with maximum read and write speeds of 230 MB/s and 190 MB/s respectively, the v4s make for a faster alternative than traditional hard disks. The v4 comes in four variants: 32GB ($50), 64GB ($70), 128GB ($100) and 256GB ($190). For budget-conscious folks still holding out on purchasing their very first SSD, Crucial's v4 SSD offers decent performance for less.