Ubisoft's UPlay Service Includes Serious Security Exploit

bp9801 - July 30, 2012 10:44AM in Gaming

Say what you will about DRM, but this is never the kind of news you want to hear on the matter. Ubisoft's mandatory UPlay service includes a serious security exploit that can compromise the system of anyone who uses it. Yes, that is very bad, as Trend Micro's director of security research Rik Ferguson says the exploit must be fixed immediately. Ferguson said UPlay does not contain a rootkit as some speculated, but just "really bad code" as the exploit is contained in a browser plugin. The explot is likely an unintentional security vulnerability and not an intentional backdoor, but either way Ubisoft must address the problem. The good thing is the browser plugin can be disabled relatively easily so your system will not be at risk, but this exploit will not support Ubisoft's stance that DRM is necessary for PC gamers.