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The Internet Defense League Rises

Category: Internet
Posted: 10:43AM

You want to defend the freedom of the Internet, like the blackout against SOPA and PIPA did, but you need a symbol. This symbol must represent the importance of your mission and the gravity of the situation. It must unify people to take action defending the Internet at a single glance. What should the symbol be?

A cat!

The Internet Defense League is a group of people and corporations who feel it is their responsibility to protect the Internet from damaging laws like the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. These corporations include Mozilla, Reddit, Wordpress, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Cheezburger Network. Anyone can join the league though either to just be alerted whenever there is something risking the freedom of the Internet, or to use your own website or blog to transmit the information to the world.

The League intends to launch tonight, at the same time The Dark Knight Rises is released to theaters, and project cat signals at launch parties. These signals are not just going to be those from the keychain lights you get for donating over $30 but actual spotlights illuminating the sky.

The League is still developing itself at the moment as it creates code for private websites that will automatically activate when certain alerts from the League are sent out. The collaborative system for identifying threats and opportunities is also still being worked on.

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My_Inner_Fred on July 19, 2012 12:28PM
+1 seems interesting.

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