Prolimatech Giving Away Thermal Compound

CheeseMan42 - July 18, 2012 04:40PM in Cooling

Prolimatech is currently running a contest on its Facebook page and the lucky winners will receive either the PK-2 or PK-3 thermal compound. The PK-2 improves upon the performance of the PK-1 thermal compound by making it "as easy to spread as warm butter on bread." The PK-3 compound features nano particles that help make this compound the best performing offering from Prolimatech. Five first place winners will receive the PK-3 and ten second place winners will receive the PK-2. To enter, simply like the Facebook post about the contest and share the picture on your wall. The winners will be picked on Monday and if more than 1,000 people enter the amount of winners will be doubled.