Ouya: The Android-based Game Console for Your TV

edwardquilo - July 10, 2012 06:24AM in Gaming

An unlikely new entry in the game console market is set to arrive with the Ouya - an Android 4.0 based project that promises to bring open-source mobile gaming to your TV. A peek at the insides show smartphone-like specs: a quad-core Tegra 3 with 8GB of expandable storage with USB 2.0 support, 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, along with 1080p HDMI and a precision RF wireless gamepad that performs like a "high-end knife." The Ouya is designed to be hack-friendly right out of the box to the point that re-tooling its software won't spoil your warranty, you could even tinker around with the hardware using the included circuit board documentation. Although the devs have generated some substantial funding, an ongoing Kickstarter campaign has been set up with a $950,000 goal to further finance Ouya. With a proposed $99 price tag, the Ouya console system could be a healthy breeding ground for quality indie and free-to-play titles that won't get bogged down by traditional console bureaucracies.