The $44,000 Watch Crafted from Wooly Mammoth Ivory

edwardquilo - July 4, 2012 04:54AM in Gadgets

Buying a watch carved out of genuine ivory can be really tricky, but what if you could buy one that's based on tusks 10,000 years old? That's what Lang & Heyne are offering for the discerning millionaire watch collector, a $44,000 timepiece that uses ivory from a wooly mammoth buried for 10,000 years in Russian permafrost. All that extremely rare ivory is incorporated within the watch's innards, so every extinct fragment is put to good use. There are currently 25 limited edition watches available in a Friedrich August I or Johann von Sachsen variant, so if you've got $44,000 to spare, why not grab one before the endangered timepiece permanently disappears from Lang & Heyne's shelves?