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Room Temperature Qubits Lasted 2 Seconds

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 05:12AM

The quest to make quantum computing a reality has many challenges, including bringing out the quantum nature of things at reasonably achievable temperatures. Full laboratories may be able to reach for 0 K, but quantum computers will need to be useable outside of the laboratory. Researchers at Harvard University have made a discovery that may bring a key part of quantum computing to room temperature.

Using ultra-pure diamonds grown in the laboratory, the researchers used pairs of impurities to create qubits that lasted for 2 seconds at room temperature. Two seconds may not sound long, but it is one million times longer than previous systems, and may not be a record for long. The researchers are confident the only reason it did not last longer is because of technical issues that they can overcome.

It is hard to predict when we may see the creation of practical quantum computing because of all the various technologies that will have to be developed, but this is a major step towards that. From actual quantum computers to networks with quantum encryption, the development of solid-state room temperature qubits is important.

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