Antec High Current Pro 1000 Platinum PSU Now Available

bp9801 - July 3, 2012 10:33AM in Power Supplies

Antec has announced its High Current Pro 1000 Platinum power supply is now available worldwide. This PSU is Antec's first 1000W model to have 80PLUS Platinum certification, which means it has a minimum efficiency of 89% at 20-100% load levels. The HCP-1000 can also run at up to 94% efficiency, so this model should help with your energy bill. The HCP-1000 is a fully modular power supply that has four 12V rails delivering 40 amps each, plus the six 6+2-pin PCIe cables should ensure your graphics card needs are met. There are the usual assortment of protections on the PSU (like over current, over voltage, under voltage, etc), plus the Japanese capacitors will help deliver a stable DC load. A 135mm fan helps keep everything running cool.

The Antec HCP-1000 comes with a seven year warranty and will set you back $270.