Get Spec Ops: The Line for $24.99 on Amazon

edwardquilo - July 2, 2012 04:33AM in Gaming

Spec Ops: The Line may not have made gaming headlines to rival similar big-budget shooters, but its starkly different approach to the horrors of warfare definitely deserve some of our attention. But if you're still not convinced enough to get a copy, why not download Spec Ops: The Line now from Amazon for just $24.99? That surprisingly low price doesn't mean the game's no good. While critics were quick to notice a few gaping plot holes and some gameplay issues, the grisly storyline about surviving in a desolate Dubai made the game a standout. If you're itching for a bullet-ridden combat game with little a more substance than BF3 or COD, open up that wallet and experience Spec Ops: The Line now.