Creative Director at LucasArts Quits

bp9801 - June 29, 2012 02:42PM in Gaming

It is never easy to lose an employee, especially when the employee is rather high up on the list. LucasArts' creative director Clint Hocking announced he has left the studio to work at an unannounced company. Hocking joined LucasArts in 2010 after working at Ubisoft, where he was involved with Splinter Cell, the sequel Chaos Theory, and Far Cry 2. He served as creative director on the last two and seemed destined for success at LucasArts. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Hocking decided to leave soon after the announcement of Star Wars 1313, but I imagine that game will go on as scheduled. As for Hocking, once he gets settled into his new location he will reveal what he has going on.