Dishonored Gameplay Videos Show Off Different Approaches to an Objective

bp9801 - June 28, 2012 08:19PM in Gaming

Arkane Studios is poised to kick off its time with Bethesda in a big way when Dishonored launches on October 9th. I am sure you have seen the coverage here on the game and know it is one of the ones I am most looking forward to this year. There was a good amount of footage shown during E3 of Dishonored, but recently Bethesda has posted the walkthrough from the show. It is broken into two parts and you can see the second part on the Bethesda YouTube channel. The walkthrough itself shows two different approaches to accomplishing the objective, with one being stealthy and the other being action-packed. Personally I find the stealth gameplay the more interesting one as I will do my best to finish the game without being seen, but both ways have their merits. The second part of the walkthrough also has a fight with some Tallboys, which should make for an interesting time during missions.