Microsoft Confident Tablets Will Outsell PCs Next Year

edwardquilo - June 27, 2012 10:14AM in Mobile

Microsoft has been generating a lot of positive buzz with Surface - its own touch-based Windows 8 tablet. But the Redmond giant is also predicting that starting next year, desktop sales will be outnumbered by tablets. "Everything used to be desktops, now 60 per cent of PCs sold are laptops. Next year tablets will outsell desktops," said Windows Web Services head Antoine Leblond in a recent keynote. So is the future looking bleak for us PC users, then? Sales figures from Apple's iPad and Android tablets are certainly skyrocketing, but PC Gamer notes that revenue from desktops and laptops are still on the rise, with IDC estimating a 10% increase for the PC platform until 2013.

Compared to previous operating systems, Microsoft has made some really different choices to Windows 8 to favor touch-based inputs, although we're assured compatibility on older systems won't be an issue. "Everything you could do before, you can still do in Windows 8," said Leblond. It has also been previously reported that Windows 8 was going to be more PC gaming-friendly, so there's that to look forward to.