Sandia Cooler: The Spinning CPU Heatsink That's 30 Times More Efficient

edwardquilo - June 25, 2012 07:07AM in Cooling

Traditional CPU coolers manage processor temperatures using the heatsink and fan combination along with the application of thermal paste, but the Sandia Cooler seems ready to take the lead with an innovative way of taking the heat off your overclocked chip. Developed by the Sandia National Labs, the constantly spinning cooler is placed precariously close to the CPU at a thousandth of an inch above it. The extreme proximity allows for the creation of an air bearing that acts as a heat transmitter, after which the heatsink's 2,000 rpm rotating fins essentially vaporizes the warm temps. The always-spinning nature of the Sandia Cooler's seemingly quiet fins also ensure that no dust settles on its surface, so could this be the CPU cooler of our dreams? Check out the video below to see the promising Sandia Cooler at work.