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Runic Games Unveils Post Beta Changes and Updates to Torchlight II

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:53PM

Earlier in the month, during E3, we posted about how Runic Games was tweaking Torchlight II based on the feedback the company got during beta testing. Yesterday, Runic Games posted an update highlighting the changes more in depth. The biggest changes come to skills. The skill panes have been re-worked to be less like the classic tree-style skill panes and passive skills have been separated, with the ability to unlock them much earlier than before. In addition, skills get additional bonuses at ranks 5, 10, and 15 to reward increased investments, and a lot of skills have been tweaked and balanced. Furthermore, not only are function-key skill binds implemented (like they were in the original Torchlight), but you can also queue up skills to use. In addition, skill sets now swap with weapon sets. As for respeccing, you can now spend gold throughout the game to respec any of the last three points you've spent (no mention if you have unlimited, free respecs up until level 10 like in the beta).

The other big changes come to items. Enchantment effects are now identifiable from standard effects in tooltips, the number of health and mana stealing weapons has been increased, some lackluster unique items have been improved, and rollover information on equipment provides more and clearer information. In addition, there is now a sorting button for player inventories and merchant inventories are sorted by default. Rounding out the list are your typical bug and connectivity fixes, a ping meter next to each party portrait, the addition of a fullscreen windowed mode, adjustable map opacity, and even some tentative functionality for "sniffing" cheaters so you can block them from your game (though modding is allowed, not everyone wants to play with others that use mods to make their character super powerful). They're also continuing to work on finalizing the other acts (the beta test only included Act One). It's rare that I agree with every change a developer makes, but I honestly can't find one bad item on the list. It's nice to see a developer truly care about improving its game based on player feedback.

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