EA Executive Thinks All Games in Next Five to Ten Years will be Free-to-Play

bp9801 - June 21, 2012 01:44AM in Gaming

Free-to-play games seem to be everywhere these days, with subscription MMOs turning nearly daily and new titles being announced every week. There are more than enough free games to keep you occupied for quite some time, and if you have some money to spare, can improve your game with many enhancements. EA is certainly no stranger to F2P games with its Play4Free selection, but if you listen to one executive, it seems F2P games will be the standard for all companies. EA's COO Peter Moore believes every game in the next five to ten years will be free-to-play, with add-ons requiring a fee and $60 games dropping off substantially. Moore does not think $60 games (that is, big-budget games) will completely disappear, but the market will shift to F2P titles. Billions of people can access these free titles, but that microtransactions will rule the day. Moore likens it to walking into a store; you can browse all you want, try on a new shirt, but must pay for something if he wants it. A different analogy, to be sure, but one that works just the same.

Gaming has gone from the grasp of the few to the many, where a touchscreen is all you need to call yourself a gamer, according to Moore. I do not think he is far off at all, and the future may turn to F2P in the end no matter what hardcore gamers desire.