Cougar Entering Gaming Keyboard Market

bp9801 - June 13, 2012 05:58PM in Input Devices

Cougar is looking to expand its hardware lineup and has its sights set on the gaming keyboard market. Already known for its cases, power supplies, and fans, Cougar wants to ensure gamers are taken care of with a keyboard. The Cougar Attack mechanical keyboard uses Cherry MX Red switches and features backlit keys. There are also key caps and a key puller bundled with every Attack keyboard, so you can switch out the keys you use most. A G-key will disable the Windows button and prevent accidental presses during a gaming session. There are eight macro keys on the Attack keyboard that will let you set up your most used actions with ease. The Cougar Attack keyboard has a removable braided USB cable for an easier time transporting it or to make sure you do not damage anything during a rage quit.

The Cougar Attack mechanical keyboard has no release date or price just yet, but once that information is released we will let you know. The video below has a look at the PTX Platinum PSU in addition to the keyboard.