Black Mesa Still Alive - New Screens Shown, More Information Incoming

bp9801 - June 11, 2012 06:18PM in Gaming

There are few gaming series that garner as much attention as Valve's Half-Life series. The entire world is waiting on news of Half-Life 2: Episode Three and Half-Life 3 (your choice as to which is higher), but there is another project that people are also waiting on. Black Mesa is a remake of the first Half-Life using the Source Engine, and unlike Half-Life: Source, everything will make use of the engine. This free modification has been talked about and hinted at almost as long as Half-Life 3, but information has been few and far between... until recently. The Black Mesa Facebook page teased some new media once the page hit 20,000 Likes, and it surpassed that amount earlier in the day. There are eight new images of Black Mesa that you can see below and all of them look great. There may be a slight age to some of the character models, but overall Black Mesa is looking impressive. More information will be released "in the future," but this gives good hope that we will finally get our hands on this mod.