Passwords Leaked for Several Popular Websites

CheeseMan42 - June 7, 2012 05:27PM in Internet

It has been a rough two days for a trio of websites, with news coming out that millions of passwords on each site have been leaked. It was announced yesterday that both LinkedIn and eHarmony experienced a breach and joined the list today. Hackers released 6.5 million passwords for LinkedIn, which used the SHA-1 hashing algorithm and also failed to salt the passwords. Dating site eHarmony came out a bit better, with only 1.5 million passwords being leaked. claimed that some passwords were leaked, but a third party researcher claims the breach has caused more than 16 million passwords using the MD5 hash to be cracked. If you have any accounts on these sites, be sure to change your password for them and any other sites that may share a password with it.