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See the Factions to Join in Latest The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer

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Posted: 01:03PM

ZeniMax Online had one of the best-kept secrets in gaming for five years before unveiling The Elder Scrolls Online last month. The new MMO is set in the Second Era of The Elder Scrolls lore, which puts it around 1,000 years before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. ZeniMax Online has been slowly revealing information on the game ever since the announcement, and a recent Game Informer issue featured The Elder Scrolls Online. We know there will be three factions in the MMO, with different races for each faction. The Aldmeri Dominion consists of High Elves, Wood Elves, and Khajiit, the Daggerfall Covenant contains Redguards, Bretons, and Orcs, and the Ebonheart Pact features Nords, Dark Elves, and Argonians. You may notice the Imperials are missing from any of those factions and that is because they have joined with the Daedric Prince Molag Bal to conquer all of Tamriel.

At E3, ZeniMax Online has released a new teaser trailer showing these factions and the types of armor and weapons available. The trailer is entirely CG, but shows off a great level of detail in the characters. ZeniMax Online has to incorporate features from all the provinces of Tamriel into The Elder Scrolls Online, so this means we should see a mixture of all the past games' design styles. Being set in the Second Era will certainly give gamers a good look at how the world was before setting foot in Morrowind or Skyrim, but we will not be able to journey for ourselves until next year.

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hawkin90 on June 8, 2012 02:23AM
It's sad that they had to ruin such a great series with this MMO crap. Sorry to all the MMO fans but TES should forever stay offline singleplayer.

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