EA's Dead Space 3 to Debut in E3 2012

edwardquilo - June 1, 2012 06:35AM in Gaming

News of Dead Space 3's existence have been simmering for a while now thanks to a few leaked tidbits, but EA will finally be announcing the action/horror hybrid during next week's E3.  While Dead Space 3 footage will be shown at EA's press conference, a few intriguing screenshots of the game have also been released. Among these are Isaac and a second character sporting blood-stained winter clothing (with glowing red-eyes to boot). It has been heavily speculated that the third installment of the Dead Space franchise will feature some form of co-op gameplay, and if these images are any indication, Isaac will indeed be fighting abominations with an ally throughout the game's frosty campaign. A teaser for the Dead Space graphic novel was also released recently, and may have a connecting storyline with Dead Space 3. Be on the lookout for the Dead Space 3 live stream on June 4, 1:00 pm PDT.