New Star Wars Game Franchise to be Revealed Ahead of E3

bp9801 - May 29, 2012 12:06PM in Gaming

It was earlier this month when some filings for a Star Wars 1313 appeared, which included one for a video game. This lead to some speculation on what exactly the new series could be about, including one focused on Boba Fett. In a story from the bounty hunter's younger days, Fett went by the name CT-1313 in order to find out information. Star Wars 1313 would seem to go along with that, but we will not have to wait long to know for certain. Spike TV will unveil the new Star Wars game franchise ahead of E3 this year, with an exclusive reveal set for May 31st. If you happened to be watching any of the Star Wars movies on Spike during this past weekend, you no doubt saw the banner scroll across the bottom of the screen. The new game will be revealed on May 31st during the Game Trailers TV show, but LucasArts will show off gameplay during E3 on June 4th. So, will this new Star Wars game franchise be about Boba Fett, a specific year in the Star Wars universe, or is it simply a release date? We just have to wait to see.

Source: GameSpot and Neoseeker