ECS Announces Nonstop Technology

CheeseMan42 - May 26, 2012 08:10AM in Motherboards

ECS has announced its latest innovation, Nonstop Technology, designed to "deliver a hassle free computing experience by solving common PC hardware problems before they can even occur." Nonstop certified motherboards will go through testing that exceeds industry standards, and will contain the "highest quality components and shielding." All current and future ECS Black Series motherboards will be Nonstop certified, having passed four interlocking tests and enhancements. The first test is the Super Marathon 3X Stability test, which puts the boards through 30,000 test iterations over a 72 hour period. The Sahara Severe Test puts the board in a 50°C test environment, which is higher than users will experience on a daily basis. ECS has also included Apache Long-life capacitors, which it claims have a lifetime that is six times longer than traditional capacitors. The last piece of the Nonstop puzzle is Thor Ultra Protection ESD protection, which follows NASA guidelines for ESD protection.