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Enough Bullshit - Get the Facts Straight!

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 10:58AM

Rumors come and go, with some being so off the mark you have to wonder just what the person who created it was thinking. Recently, a "rumor" started going around that NVIDIA would recall all the Kepler GPUs for no real reason. A tiny site by the name of pnosker started the rumor and then a bunch of other tech sites ran with it as fact. Other sites said the rumor "probably wasn't true," but did not have very nice things to say about NVIDIA regardless. The only problem is no one has ever heard of this pnosker website before, yet the rumor still spread like wildfire. What gives? The "author" at that site gave no substantial information for a source other than someone at Taiwan Semiconducting Manufacturing Company (TSMC), but then had to rework his original story by using another source at an unreliable site. The author then categorizes a minor issue from EVGA into a massive recall to add more fuel to the fire.

A tiny site decided to drum up some completely insane rumor, call it fact, and then it gets picked up by other sites in order to bring in traffic. Not exactly the best tactic in the world, but some people think resorting to it will help. The thing is, there is no evidence NVIDIA will ever issue a recall on the Kepler GPUs and you can be sure a "source" at TSMC would never leak something so substantial. OverclockersClub will always talk to NVIDIA anytime rumors start to make sure they are just that, but other sites do not always seem to follow our lead. It does not take long to place a phone call or email the NVIDIA reps, so why not try to clarify these rumors directly at the source? This is how lies and falsehoods get spread, people, so check your facts before posting some insane story!

NVIDIA has no problems with the Kepler GPUs aside from keeping the cards in stock. The GTX 670s and 680s sell like hotcakes as soon as stock comes in, but you can head to Newegg right now to find several GTX 670s available to buy. The Kepler cards are some of the most powerful ones around, and considering any one of them puts a hurting on AMD, you would be hard pressed to find an issue with them.

So, moral of the story is to check your facts and make sure what you are saying actually has some basis. Do not just come up with some bullshit to bring in traffic, when talking to NVIDIA or any company will go a long way to clear things up. Being proactive goes a long way to making sure your facts are actually straight!

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Guest comment
Dan on May 23, 2012 01:56PM
Like this article... amazing howmuch tech BS there is out there!

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