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Reducing Scattering in Semiconductor Research

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:13PM

Semiconductors are at the heart of all of our computers and electronic gadgets, and researchers are constantly studying them to make the future of electronic technology as amazing as possible. One of the ways to do this research is with ultra-cold quantum dots. These dots can be designed to have specific semiconductor behavior, so researchers are able to create the exact scenario they want to test. In such a small and cold system though, impurities can cause big issues, even after purifying the quantum dots.

Researchers have known that the silicon ions, which provide the electrons for the experiments, cause some distortions to the electrons' movements, but always assumed it was negligible. Researchers at the University of New South Wales discovered it was very much the opposite. By heating and cooling the samples, the researchers were able to cause the electron paths to change drastically. Fortunately they have a plan to remove these silicon dopants, and make the system impervious to the damage from changing paths.

One of the most important rules for any experimental result in science is that it has to be repeatable. If it is not repeatable it cannot be controlled for and cannot be properly understood. By removing this variable from the system, experiments with semiconductors may become much more predictable and consistent.

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