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Soul Sacrifice Revealed for the PS Vita - New Game from Mega Man Creator

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Posted: 12:45PM

Two months ago, we reported that Keiji Inafune, best known as the creator of Mega Man, let slip that he was working on a title for the PS Vita. Now it seems he's finally ready to unveil a lot of the juicy details, starting with the short teaser trailer posted a couple days ago (different than the video below). The game, entitled Soul Sacrifice, was officially unveiled today at a press conference in Japan, as reported by Famitsu. Luckily for us English-speaking folk, Japanese video game site Andriasang.com has translated all the awesome, gruesome details.

Soul Sacrifice is an action game being called "True Fantasy." As in the real world, if you want something good, you have to make sacrifices — nothing in life is free. Inafune hopes to deliver this reality in Soul Sacrifice, wherein, instead of using mana or magic points, you must make sacrifices, often to the detriment of your health. Four such sacrificial magic attacks were detailed:

  • Excalibur: You stick your hand down your throat, pull out your spinal cord, and use this as your sword.
  • Gleipnir: Chop off your five fingers and perform a punch with your extended bones.
  • Gorgon: Pull out your eyeballs, and use them to blast out magic beams.
  • Gungnir: Your bones and nerves emerge from your body and attack.

Sacrifice parts of your body too often and you'll slowly lose your human form. What repercussions this will have and whether or not body parts will grow back has not yet been unveiled. But why sacrifice yourself at all? You play as a slave to a cruel sorcerer. The game starts with you locked away in a prison, ready to be sacrificed, when suddenly a book appears before you. This book, Golam Book, is actually a demon that has the ability to let you experience the contents contained within, which just happen to be past battles between sorcerers and monsters. It are these battles that serve as the game's quests.

Soul Sacrifice will feature four-player co-op with both ad-hoc and infrastructure play, supporting voice chat during infrastructure. The PS Vita's multiplayer capabilities is actually one of the main reasons Inafune chose that platform, but he said the game will also have a number of other "PlayStation Vita-ish features" that he's not quite ready to unveil. Multiplayer allows players to sacrifice their life to aid other players with powerful magic. At the end of each battle, you also have the option of sacrificing or reviving the enemy, each choice rewarding you differently. In multiplayer, if players don't agree, there is a system in place to deal with that, but Inafune wasn't ready to provide details.

Soul Sacrifice is set for release in Japan this Winter and Inafune says he'd like to get it out before the end of the year, though the game is only about 50% complete. Overseas releases haven't yet been decided, but one could expect the game to hit other countries eventually, especially if the game does well in Japan. Inafune's name behind the game certainly helps.

Be sure to check out this link for some awesome concept art and screenshots.

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