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Insomniac Games Working on Facebook Game

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:47PM

Earlier this year, Insomniac Games announced it would focus on new IPs and move on from the Resistance series. However, last year the studio announced it wanted to expand into the social gaming market, which means the realm of Facebook. We now know exactly what Insomniac has in mind as it announced the new Facebook game Outernauts, which is kind of like Pokémon in space. Insomniac knows Facebook games do not always have the best reputation among core gamers, but hopes that Outernauts can change that opinion. It is being designed for gamers in their 20s (or close to it), with a 3v3 turn-based battle system that plays more like a standard RPG à la Tactics Ogre.

You create your "Outernaut" and then explore the galaxy, take on missions, and do battle. Along the way you capture, train, and level various monsters (the Pokémon aspect), which you can then battle against the computer and other gamers. Yes, Outernauts includes PvP (with leaderboards) and an asynchronous multiplayer mode to allow you to journey through the game with friends. One player can clear a portion of an instanced dungeon and have it reflected for the other party members, so multiplayer sessions do not have to be coordinated with everyone. Insomniac hopes players spend months with Outernauts, with 15 minute sessions being the norm for many people. We will find out for certain when Outernauts launches later this summer.

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