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EA Confirms Dead Space 3 for March 2013

Category: Gaming
Posted: 03:26PM

Fans of the horror series Dead Space can rejoice, as EA confirmed Dead Space 3 is in development with a March 2013 launch. EA broke the news in its quarterly news conference, but did not disclose a ton of other information about the game. More information will be revealed at E3 this June, but that has not stopped the rumors from appearing on just what we can expect in the third game. According to IGN, Dead Space 3 will feature "drop-in, drop-out co-op" where one of your buddies can take control of Isaac Clarke's guide. This guide appears in single player as well, and features a wicked scar on his face, his own engineering RIG, and glowing red eyes looking out from his helmet. Some (or all) of the action takes place on a snow covered planet, which could necessitate a guide to help you find just where to go. As for the scar and glowing eyes, well, we will just have to wait and see why at E3.

Isaac Clarke and the guide will encounter new and familiar types of Necromorphs on the snow planet, but also human beings. The human enemies pack heavy armor and weapons, so they should make for a formidable foe. Eventually the humans will turn into Necromorphs, but hopefully you can thin their numbers some before that happens. Isaac has some new abilities at his disposal, including being able to crouch and roll left and right. His RIG has the same streamlined appearance as the one in Dead Space 2, plus the guide's RIG is similar. The telekinetic ability has been improved to let you rotate objects in addition to moving, which plays into the various puzzles you will encounter.

The weapons in Dead Space 3 are all being upgraded, as is the workbench where improvements are made. The alt-fire mode on virtually every weapon has been changed, most notably in the Plasma Cutter. Before the alt-fire would change the orientation from horizontal to vertical and back again, but in Dead Space 3 the alt-fire has a knockback effect similar to the Force Gun. The Pulse Rifle now has saw blades for its alt-fire mode, which could be interesting to see. The workbench could now make weapon customizations possible, as it would allow for different weapon upgrades and modes.

All of this is just rumor for now, but keep it tuned to hear about any confirmations from E3.

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