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Analyst Says Microsoft and Sony Should Cut Hardware and Software Prices

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:17PM

With all the rumors flying around on next-generation consoles, one analyst believes Microsoft and Sony should cut the prices on current-gen hardware and software. The analyst says many gamers are already looking towards the next-gen systems, so the timing is perfect to reduce prices on the current-gen. This would mean more sales all around, because if someone was on the fence on whether or not to buy a console, a reduced price could push them over the edge. The analyst said the $99 Xbox 360 with a two-year contract is a good start, but says "a straight price cut would be more effective." What's more is the analyst thinks software prices should also be cut, with a $50 starting point for "most" titles. The age of the hardware no longer necessitates $60 games, but the royalty fees would have to be reduced in order for the lower price to take hold. Lower prices all around would certainly help the industry, especially in anticipation of low sales numbers for April.

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