Watch Diablo III's 'It's Not Safe' TV Spot

bp9801 - May 4, 2012 07:49PM in Gaming

Either Blizzard wants to break the Internet or just likes getting its fans riled up for May 15th. A new Diablo III video went live earlier today, which is the "It's Not Safe" TV spot. This is another 30 second commercial, like the "Evil is Back" one, that shows off some of the in-game cinematics. In it, we see fire fall from the sky as the text says "The End of Days will Begin." Pretty ominous words, but then again this is a Diablo game. As is the case with Blizzard's videos, the CG work is top-notch and shows off just enough to get you interested in the game's story. Being a 30 second commercial, there really is not enough time to show off any gameplay so that will have to wait until closer to launch. Right now we are about ten days away, so there is not much more to go before the return of Diablo.